October 18

Back From Break WP9

Okay we all know i’m terrible at spelling,but well at least I try.I <3 when people leave me comments.I was seriously looking at my comments and it made my day which made me want to type more.I felt like I been I was finally visible.With all you’re nice comments,I laughed and there was a large smile on my face.Well now lets  get to the theme. How was my break well it was not that exciting.All I did was stay home and play video games,though the last day of break,my family and me went to a restaurant and if you’re wondering what kind of restaurant,it was a Chinese restaurant.Their food is yummy for the tummy tbh.Oh and I also did music.ly and did all that kind of stuff.Well I kind of find this like my own diary.I love to be funny and weird,but not that weird.I should be a comedian just kidding,I would suck cause the audience would just sit there,not even with a smile on there face.Sometimes I make a joke and realize that nobody is laughing and I wonder if they wonder if i’m on drugs( just sarcasm. I would never be on drugs).I’m just curios.Well that is it for my kind of boring break.How I at least made you grin and have a wonderful day 🙂

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  1. hmsayane


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